Important Information

  • Check In

    It is important to us that all our important information regarding the care of your pet is up to date. New guests to Lou Lou’s, checking in for the first time, are asked to allow time to complete a registration form, and for our returning guests we ask them too, to allow time to ensure all their important information is up to date.

  • Settling In

    We understand it can be hard leaving your pet for the first time somewhere new. We are therefore happy for you to take the time to settle your pet into their suite and make sure they have everything they need.  We also encourage returning customers to allow time to settle their pets into their holiday suites too.


  • Cats

    All cats must be up to date and fully treated with their F3 or F4 vaccinations and worming treatment prior to boarding at Lou Lou’s. Proof of the above information is required upon check in (passport, certificate, veterinarian printout, or email a copy prior to arrival). We recommend that vaccinations are administered at least two weeks prior to arrival at Lou Lou’s. We reserve the right to refuse entry to any cat that is not up to date with these vaccinations. Any cat showing symptoms of fleas or worms will be treated accordingly and the cost added to your bill.

  • Rabbits

    All rabbits boarding at Lou Lou’s must be fully vaccinated against the Calicivirus. Although not a legal requirement, we highly recommend that your rabbit has an annual or biannual Calicivirus vaccination. We recommend that vaccinations are administered at least two weeks prior to arrival at Lou Lou’s. Please bring your rabbit’s vaccination certificate, passport or veterinarian printout when you arrive. Alternatively you can email us a copy before you check in.

Medication & Special Diets

If your pets require medication or a special diet, please supply these upon check-in. We ask that you have everything clearly labeled and clear instructions written for the Lou Lou’s team to follow, ensuring your pets’ special needs will be well looked after. Our staff would be happy to discuss your pets’ special needs prior to booking, so feel free to call us on 9720 9741

Diet Information

  • Cats

    Guests will enjoy premium Royal Canin dry food in the morning and canned food in the evening. The Lou Lou’s team are happy to serve special diets upon request and when provided. We ask that you pack sufficient food for your cat’s stay, have it clearly labelled with your cat’s name, and written instructions.

  • Rabbits

    Guests will have continual access to premium fresh oaten hay throughout the day and night. Fresh greens and vegetables will be served to guests in the mornings and evenings. Oxbow Pellets will be served once a day when requested, and fresh fruit will be served once a day as a treat unless notified otherwise.

    At Lou Lou’s Cattery and Small Animal Boarding we understand that rabbits are very sensitive to their diet and especially to change, so please feel free to bring along their favourite foods to ensure they feel right at home.

  • Guinea Pigs

    Guest will have constant access to oaten and grass hay throughout the day and night. Fresh greens and vegetables will be served to our guests morning and night. Fresh fruit will be served once a day as a treat and Oxbow Pellets will be served each day ensuring guests maintain their required vitamin C intake.

What to pack

Lou Lou’s Cattery & Small Animal Boarding provides warm bedding, excellent quality fresh food and water, toys and entertainment – everything your pet needs while staying away from home. If your pet has a favourite bed, food, toys or comforter, you are more than welcome to pack that for their holiday at Lou Lou’s. However, we cannot be responsible for what they choose to do with their personal items while staying with us. We do ask that if you wish for your pet to be brushed daily that you pack their brush for us to use.

Please Ensure you pack

  • Evidence of vaccination
  • Special diet and written instructions, if required
  • Medication and written instructions, if required
  • Brush, if needed
  • Comforter or special items

Other Information

For the safety and security of all our guests, please ensure you transport your pet in an appropriate manner. It is a legal requirement that all animals be secured while travelling in vehicles. Lou Lou’s Cattery and Small Animal Boarding recommend transporting your pet in an appropriate-sized pet carrier with handle, that you can secure using a seat belt.
For first time guests, it is recommended that you bring something that smells of you, such as an old T-Shirt.

Lou Lou’s Cattery and Small Animal Boarding reserves the right to refuse entry to any animal that is showing signs of illness.


If your pet shows signs of illness while holidaying at Lou Lou’s we will endeavour to contact your preferred vet for advice and treatment. If this is not possible we will contact our associated vet. Any vet fees or associated costs will be added to your bill.


At Lou Lou’s Cattery and Small Animal Boarding, our rates are all inclusive. There are no extra charges for everyday services such as pats, cuddles, playtime or administering medication*. The rate is charged per night, not per day or part thereof. This means you do not pay for the day you pick your pet up. At Lou Lou’s, there is no minimum stay requirement during peak periods such as Easter and Christmas.

*Please note: Lou Lou’s does not administer injections to cats

2–4 week bookings: 5% discount
4–8 week bookings: 10% discount
8 weeks and over: 15% discount

Victorian Senior Card Holders:
Bookings under 4 weeks: 10% discount
4-8 week bookings: 15% discount
Bookings 8 weeks and over: 20% discount

Please note that prices are subject to change without notice and peak periods such as school holidays and public holidays book well in advance.


Book Now to secure your pet’s holiday suite.  Call Lou Lou’s on 9720 9741 to discuss availability, and arrival and departure times. Please note, 50% deposit is required to be paid 7 days before your pet’s holiday Lou Lou’s.

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