Guinea Pig Boarding

Here at Lou Lou’s we know how much personality and love each Guinea Pig has to give. Our specialised Guinea Pig room ensures a safe and calm environment that will have your Guinea Pig singing in delight.


  • Individual accommodation
  • Secure and hygienic
  • Custom-designed rooms that are elevated off the floor
  • Heavy ceramic bowls for food, water and pellets
  • Toys for stimulations and to chew
  • Single, double or multiple rabbit boarding options


  • Indoor-only boarding in mosquito-proof room
  • Climate-controlled for constant temperature control year-round
  • Play areas with plenty of room for zoomies and binkies
  • Each individual rabbit guest is monitored closely for any health and wellbeing changes
  • Pet Industry Association Australia members
  • Discounts for holidays over 2 weeks and for seniors
  • Lou Lou’s Loyalty program


  • Unlimited fresh oaten hay
  • Dark green vegetables
  • Oxbow pellets
  • Treats such as apple and carrot